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Elizabeth Cemborain

Artist and Architect

Throughout her artistic career Elizabeth Cemborain has been interested in urban landscapes using the resources provided by digital media. She began with photographs taken in motion -as a passerby, driving or on public transportation- to discover in these stripes, lines, superimpositions and plays of light the possibility of transforming them into unique works and videos.  In this journey, and continuing with her research, she has made videos where she explores the aesthetics of photograms achieving strips and color zones that digitally manipulated, refer to geometric abstraction, generating a synthetic landscape with distinctive rhythms and colors for each urban experience.


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She is an Architect from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (1982), Technician in Visual Arts, mention in Pure Art, Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas (1993) and Diploma in Contemporary Art, Universidad Metropolitana (2018). Among her most recent solo exhibitions are: Luminiscencias, GBG Arts Galería, Caracas (2011) and Interlaces del paisaje at Viloria Blanco Galería, Maracaibo (2015).  She has exhibited collectively nationally and internationally like: Abstraction:Urban Sights Encounters Art Space, Artists Open House, Brighton, England (2017); Píxeles, Imago Art in Action and GBG Arts, Miami, United States (2018); El lenguaje del color, Espacio Monitor, Centro de Arte los Galpones, Caracas (2018); Carré Latin, Palais Royal, Paris, France (2018); Concurso: El Cálculo de las proporciones, Sala Magis, Centro Cultural UCAB, Caracas, Venezuela (2019), Embassy of Italy, Embassy of France in Venezuela where she obtains the second prize for her work "No hay reglas"; Tiempos de espera, GBG Arts Galería, Caracas, Venezuela (2020);  Next, imaginar el postpresente, virtual experience developed by Centro Cultural UCAB and Fundación Telefónica Movistar, Caracas, Venezuela (2020); Serendipia>instalar, Espacio Monitor, Caracas, Venezuela (2021), where she obtains the AICA 2021 Award for Best Group Exhibition.

Last exhibitions and participations


Serendipia >Post_Ready_Made, Espacio Monitor, Centro de Arte los Galpones, Caracas



Serendipia >instalar, Espacio Monitor, Centro de Arte los Galpones, CaracasAICA 2021 Award for Best Group Exhibition: SERENDIPIA > INSTALAR

Curatorship: José Luis García R. and Elizabeth Cemborain

La trayectoria inédita, Hacienda la Trinidad, Embassy of Spain in Venezuela, Caracas

Open Call Miami New Media Festival, Miami

Artist in residence, Encounters Art Space,

IG virtual residency, Brighton

Caracas - Miami - Brighton


Tiempos de espera, GBG Arts Galerie, Caracas 

Next, imaginar el postpresente, Centro Cultural

UCAB, Fundación Telefónica Movistar, virtual experience, Caracas 

Correspondencias, Cerquone Gallery, Caracas

Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach County Convention Center, GBG Arts Galerie, Miami

Caracas - Miami


Second Price: El Cálculo de las proporciones Sala Magis, Centro Cultural UCAB, Embassy of Italy, France Embassy, Caracas

Open Call Miami New Media Festival, Miami

Encounters collective memory Encounters Art Space, Brighton

2014-2019 Espacio Monitor, Centro de Arte los Galpones, Caracas

Armonías cromáticas Centro de Artes integradas, Caracas

Caracas - Miami - Brighton

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