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New cartographies constitutes my participation project in the contemporary art contest "The unpublished trajectory / look at the world anew" / La trayectoria inédita / Mirar al mundo de nuevo, in the framework of the celebration of the V centenary of the first circumnavigation of the globe - The voyage of Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastian Elcano - .

The contest is organized by the Embassy of Spain in Venezuela, the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Venezuela and the Hacienda La Trinidad, Cultural Park in Caracas.


INAUGURATION: August 5, 2021

Hacienda la Trinidad Cultural Park

Caracas, Venezuela


I undertook this journey with the aim of going around the world. I followed the route taken by Magallanes and Elcano from the mother ship: my studio/workshop. I am captain and crew, the navigation is guided by Google. I carried my logbook with several instruments: manuscripts, videos, drawings and photographs whose records I publish daily on an Instagram page @nuevascartografias.

I left from Caracas to Maiquetía, port of departure to Lisbon and arrived to the continent where that epic adventure began, searching for cultural species in each destination.

I have experienced deviations from the route taken 500 years ago; the waters around me are virtual and I hope not so salty with the wifi signal. Each station becomes the center of the world; from there, cartographies of possible geographies emerge. I have designed each day's journey based on the flights and land routes available on Google search engines, taking note of the time of each trip, the physical distance and the places visited.

Although the trip began virtually, in the studio I traveled with a large workbench and a varied library with volumes of illustrated encyclopedias. On the surface of the table, I built and photographed transitory landscapes; the drawings, notes and sketches are territories that inquire about time and distance, search and error, past, present and future, technology and sources of information, among many other topics. To make the journey tangible, I manipulated a rotating globe, where I marked each route with numbered bugs and rubber bands. The globe became my anchor throughout the navigation.

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