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SERENDIPIA > POST_READY_MADE_ is the title of this second edition that revisits

- as a tribute to curator Miguel Miguel Garcia (1952-2020) -

the exhibitions Re-Readymade (Museo Alejandro Otero, 1997) and Anti-Readymade (Espacio Monitor, 2017).

Readymade is a difficult concept to pin down, even for Marcel Duchamp himself, who stated that he had not found a satisfactory definition. It is a reaction against retinal art-that is, visual art-whose intention is to propose as a contrast an art that, instead of the eye, activates the mind, or "the gray matter," as Duchamp himself said. The work is suddenly created from found objects, already made, simply by choosing them. Duchamp thus attacks at the root the problem of determining what the nature of art is and tries to demonstrate that such a task is a chimera. In his choice, he tried to leave his personal taste aside; the objects chosen must have been indifferent to him visually, or retinatively. Another of his choices was to limit the number of readymades to be created. The Fountain (a real, original male urinal) was his most emblematic and well-known readymade; but others are added to this one, as one who adds different triggers to think about art.

From this historical milestone, in SERENDIPIA > POST_READY_MADE_ - under the curatorship and museography of José Luis García R.- reviews that practice from the global and the local in different ways -literal, metaphorical, by opposition and/or induction-, with the purpose of reflecting the validity and transcendence of that pioneer concept in current art practices. Daniela Díaz Larralde accompanies us in the research and theoretical framework, and will also give a lecture to be held in conjunction with a series of events within the framework of the exhibition.

The staging of the exhibition, as in the previous edition, is large collective installation made up mainly of small-format works by Ibero-American artists and an audiovisual and infographic preamble with a retrospective research on the theme. For this occasion, we will incorporate a second exhibition room, where a selection of video art by the participating artists will be shown in a loop, projected on a large scale in high definition format.

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